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There is no online casino game more popular than slots. That sense of adrenaline and the fast pace is what makes them unique and loved by every player. But there are things every aspiring gambler needs to know before embarking on this fascinating journey. Knowing how everything works and understanding if you have a fair chance to win is a must before choosing which slot site is the best for you.

What makes a good Canadian slot casino

The simple answer to that question is that the best slots sites in Canada are the ones that can offer the fullest gambling session. And what players want is a fun, fair, and complete experience. The fun part is the hardest to explain, as not all people share the same taste. So we are looking for a website with lots and lots of games, to cover everyone. But they cannot just be any kind of slots. Quantity is nothing without a certain standard of quality. When looking for a fair slot casino in Canada, you need to know that you have a chance to win. Here is where the knowledge behind the slots’ core mechanisms comes in handy. As for the complete experience, here is where bonuses and technical advantages play a part. These are the individual aspects we will further explain in this guide. We will walk you through some of the most important aspects of the game and provide you with all the information you need in order to make a choice and take your chances. You never know. It might be you who wins big when the reels stop spinning.

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Variety and types of online slots

To the untrained eye, every slot is the same. There is nothing more incorrect than that. It is not just the graphics and sound design that makes every slot unique. In fact, “slots” is a very wide term that includes a number of different games. Top slot sites, such as the ones we have listed for you, feature options in every separate type of game. There are five key categories that slots can be divided into:

  • Video slots: When you think of online slots, this is probably what comes to mind first. They vary from classical 3-reel slots to the modern favorite of 5-reel games, with exciting features, such as mini-games activated by scatter symbols, and a variety of wild functions. This is the most common type of online slot machines and this is why developers try to separate themselves from the pack by adding cutting-edge animations and soundtracks.
  • Branded slots: As years go by, the demand for themed slots grows bigger and bigger. Branded slots are similar to the previous category, but add an extra layer of immersion, as they follow a narrative. A narrative the player is already familiar with, as it uses a beloved IP. Movies, comics, books, TV shows, rock bands, or even fast food restaurant mascots. All are fair game when it comes to branded slot machines.
  • Fruit machines: Moving forward and discovering all the possibilities technology gives us in regards to casino gambling doesn’t mean that there is no place for nostalgia. Fruit machines mimic the classical 3-reel, single-payline machines that can be found in bars across the world. Symbols typically include cherries, watermelons (thus the name fruit machines), bells, BAR, and of course the coveted number 7.
  • Jackpot slots: Progressive jackpot slots have gained popularity in Canada in the past few years and they are the number one option for those who want to maximize their winnings. A small percentage of each player’s bid contributes to the grand jackpot. It keeps rising until someone triggers it and comes on top with a life-altering amount of money.
  • 3-D Slots: This is the perfect example of how modern online technology can elevate a classic game such as the slots. Graphics are way more immersive and are more similar to a video-game than the reel machines of the past.

Remember. All top-notch casino sites in Canada offer the majority of their slots for free trials, so you can test before committing. So make sure your slots website of choice does provide the opportunity for free slots demos.

Quality of online slots

We have already suggested strongly that quantity means nothing by itself. If you remember these ludicrous old 6 in 1 board games or 500 in 1 video games, you will know what we mean. In order to test a website’s slot quality, the safest method is to check the featured providers. Developer studios such as Betsoft, Novomatic, IGT, Play’n GO, NetEnt, Playtech, and Microgaming are names you want to see on your Canadian slots casino of choice. 

Slots tournaments online

The best slots sites in Canada, such as the ones we have chosen for you, regularly host tournaments around a new release or an all-time favorite. You can join, bid and climb up the standings to win huge prizes, which can either be cash, exciting gadgets, or even a new car. They are usually hosted in collaboration with a provider, which ties perfectly with the previous section, where we talked about the importance of big-name studios providing games to your platform.

Best slot apps

A couple of years ago, you had to physically drag yourself into a casino to give a slot a few spins. Then the internet came along and it gave us the opportunity to play from home by downloading special software. We are now in the age of gaming on the go. The best online slots websites have their own dedicated mobile apps. Now you can play while commuting to work, or while watching an NHL game on the TV. With so much competition between casinos, apps are getting smoother and smoother, but still, there are the ones that are a step beyond. If gaming through an app is how you prefer to do it, make sure to thoroughly read our reviews to see which casinos offer the best mobile versions for Android and iOS.

Bonuses and loyalty schemes

Most online casinos in Canada offer a generous welcome bonus to their new players. They are varied but usually revolve around offering some added bonus money (which will have to be wagered a number of times before becoming eligible to withdraw) plus some free spins. But be careful. While all established slot sites do that, it often becomes a weapon for scam casinos to attract new customers with unbelievable promos. Read our casino reviews, as we have researched to find the most trustworthy slot sites in Canada, and then feel free to opt for the one that offers you the most advantageous welcome bonus. On top of that, slot sites often feature special promos to loyal players, which will give you a number of free spins, so you can win without any risk.

Payment methods – Online slots Canada

If you are intrigued by the bonus plans above, then you should carefully choose your deposit and withdrawal method when it comes to payments, as bonuses apply to most of them, but not all. In fact, when paying with Skrill or Neteller, you forfeit any bonuses, as casinos try to prevent promo abuse. This doesn’t mean that they should be discarded, as they provide excellent security and ease-of-use. But if you want to opt-in for that bonus, then any debit or credit card, PayPal, Paysafecard and the well established Interac are your best choices. The latter is actually our very own Canadian interbank network and is connected directly to your bank account, giving you a level of security that a traditional credit card cannot promise. 

Note that all trustworthy slot sites in Canada don’t charge any fees for transactions and if you see a casino doing so, it is an immediate red flag. Deposits are instant, while withdrawal times vary from a few hours to a couple of days, depending on the chosen payment method.

How slots work

Every single online slot machine is based on a mathematical equation. Don’t be scared. It is a simple mathematical concept that determines the odds of winning. If you understand this, losses will be minimized and it can even lead you to victory. Don’t forget that you are playing against the casino and it certainly has the edge. But this doesn’t make the casino the enemy. You are paying for your entertainment like you would do with a film in the theater. But contrary to the movies, with slots you always have the chance to actually make money. There are two aspects that determine your chances of winning. Payout percentage and volatility, which we will explain in detail in the sections to follow. And they are yet another reason why you should only trust legal slots sites in Canada and not scams that may have altered the algorithm in their favor.

Return to Player

RTP, short for Return to Player, is there to ensure that players will maximize their time on the slot machine, by recycling winnings. Most online slots, especially the ones developed by high-profile providers, offer an RTP of between 90% and 96%. This means that in the long-run, about 9/10 of the total bids will return to the players, while the casino will win the rest. There are the low-paying slots with an RTP of 75% (which any serious gambler knows to avoid), while on the high end, you can find RTP rates of 98%. This means that if you do your research, you will find the slots where the odds are more favorable, as this seemingly small percentage of difference can seriously affect your winnings over a few thousand spins.


Volatility is a word used almost exclusively by traders and gamblers. The most simple of explanations would be that it is the variance between standard and big wins and how often they are expected over a session. Some slots pay small amounts regularly, while others have longer dry spells until a sudden colossal win. There is no real advantage of the one over the other, as in the long run, it is the RTP that matters. But you need to know the volatility of each machine, as it should affect your strategy. High volatility slots need a higher bankroll to enter because intermittent wins to keep your cash flowing are scarcer. On the other end, there are low-volatility games. payouts will be more frequent but significantly smaller. Big wins are still possible but rarer.

Which is the best slots site in Canada?

Having read all of the above, it is now time for you to make the choice and decide which is your ideal online slots casino in Canada, based on your way of playing. We have created a shortlist with some of the top online casinos in Canada for you. Read our reviews and you will know everything you need in order to pick one.