Play free slots

free slots

There are thousands of land-based and online slots or live games in Canada. And they are so many because they are fun. The problem is that sometimes we are not ready to dedicate the funds to enjoy them. But the good news is that you can play as many online slots as you like for free. Either because you just want to enjoy them with no risk, or because you want to try them and see if they are what you are looking for before investing real money. In this guide, we will help you find the best free slots in Canada and answer the major questions you might have before doing your first free spin.

A new era in slots

Online slots are evolving day by day and putting real dollars on the line just to try the new hotness can be an expensive sport. And if in the end, it turns out that this specific slot wasn’t your idea for fun, you’ll already have spent some of your hard-earned money. With free trials you can get accustomed to the gameplay, controls, special features and volatility before committing in with real dollars.

Real-money vs free slots

Free slot modes work in a similar matter to pay-to-play slots. Game controls and special features are identical, which means that you will get the exact same experience for free. The random number generator, the algorithm behind the slot, stays the same. All outcomes are random. This means that you might win big in the free game but win when you decide to invest money, but the reverse can also be true.

What can you learn by free slots

It is always a good idea to get familiar with a free slot before you move to its pay-to-play counterpart. You get familiar with its controls and features. Bet adjusters, paylines, auto spin controls, special mini-games and risk-or-collect features differ from slot to slot. Just because you know one well, the transition to a new one (even if it comes from the same provider) will be seamless. Get familiar with no risk.

Do all slots have a free feature?

No, not all slots are available for free. But top slots are. All respectable online casinos in Canada and the developers behind the games know that a free slot is the best advertisement for their product. It is not a universal rule that the slots that have free modes are even average, but in general, most great games are also offered for free.

Where can I find free slots in Canada?

All major Canadian online casinos offer most of their slots for free trials. And here lies yet another rule of thumb. A casino that doesn’t feature any slots that can be played for free is probably not worth your time or money. Free slot at the best Canadian sites are a key feature and a crowd-pleaser.

Are free slots available without opening an account?

If you want to play free slots on the online casino, you have to register. There are however some free promotional slots on the providers’ websites.

Can I win real money on free slots?

No. A free slot is there just for fun or to try a new game. But don’t be confused with free spins offered by the casino. These are no-risk spins, usually part of a loyalty or welcome offer, that actually give you the chance to win real cash.

Can I earn a bonus when playing for free? 

Normally not. Most casinos require an initial deposit before handing out the first bonus, but in some rare cases, you might actually earn a few free spins as part of a general one-time promo.

Can I play free slots on the app?

Of course you can. All slots on the top Canadian online casino apps are mobile-friendly, no matter what mode (demo or standard) you choose. For more information read our reviews on the best online casinos in Canada, to find out which ones have the most robust applications.

Can minors play free slots online?

No. You are required to register to a casino site before you play. It is illegal for minors to gamble, even if it is done using a fake bankroll.