Slot sites that accept Interac

There is no bigger problem for anyone who gambles online than the issue of how to safely deposit money at an online casino. In fact, many of our readers have asked us the same question: What is the safest way to deposit money at a slots site. No need to worry, as in Canada we have a major advantage compared to the rest of the world and that is Interac, arguably the safest online banking system out there. And it’s “as Canadian as possible under the circumstances”, like Peter Gzowski said in his famous quote.

Online casinos that accept Interac are a staple in Canada’s casino industry. The best slots sites in Canada offer Interac as one of their paying options and provide the ideal solution for anyone who is worried about safety and speed when it comes to online transactions. Most Canadians are more or less familiar with Interac, but you may wonder how it works when it comes to slot sites. Read our guide and you will be ready to make your first deposit.

What is Interac?

Interac is an interbank network established in Canada in 1984. Initially launched as a debit card system, it has nowadays become the number one online banking option in Canada. It’s popularity perfectly translates to online casinos and slot sites. Instead of using a debit card, your Interac account directly transfers funds from your bank account to the casino, providing a level of security that banks cannot themselves guarantee.

Why use Interac on online casinos in Canada?

So what makes Interac stand out when playing at a slots site in Canada? There are three basic pillars on which Interac has based its success: Security, speed, and ease-of-use. Let’s break them down.

  • Security – If you are wondering why Interac is safer than a debit card, the simplest answer is because everything is double-checked. Both the bank’s and Interac’s firewalls are scanning for a possible security breach, ensuring that your funds, your banking information, and your personal data will remain safe. And it is not an e-wallet, meaning that you only have to transfer money once, from your account to the casino, or vice versa, by just using your Interac client number and password, while with e-wallets there is always a third party involved, asking you to double your  transactions for a simple procedure.
  • Speed – All payment options on online casinos in Canada promise instant deposits. Most of the time this is accurate, but every now and then users have experienced lagging issues (albeit minor). We have never seen or heard something like that happening with Interac casino payments. Forget about having to wait for your money! Interac offers instant deposits so you can play straight away. Just push that button and you can start playing immediately. 
  • Ease-of-use – One of Interac’s main selling points is the convenience it provides its users. If your bank is an official partner, then it’s really easy to set up an Interac account for your online purchases and payments, including using it on online slots sites. The simplicity of its design makes managing your bank account easier than actually joining your bank’s very own e-banking system. Combine that with the fact that you can have all your accounts (if you own multiple) in one place, and your day just became easier. All banks in Canada support Interac eTransfers, but unfortunately, not all are compatible with the Interac Online Payments system. This is bad news for some of your internet-based transactions, but not when it comes to online slots, as Interac casinos in Canada accept eTransfers. Either way, this issue will not remain for long. The biggest banks in the country all already utterly compatible with all Interac features and the rest will soon follow.

Why use Interac on slots sites instead of a credit card?

Interac is practically a safer and faster alternative to a traditional debit card. But how does it compare to credit cards when it comes to online slots websites payments? Well, it comes with a great benefit debit cards already had and that is that it offers a level of control. Anyone can get carried away when using a credit card, with its pretended unlimited funds. With Interac, you can only manage the money already in your bank account, so many Canadian slots players prefer it to keep their spending under check.

How Interac online casino payments work

Interac deposits are treated just like any other deposit by Canadian online casinos. It is, however, important to note that there are more than one types of Interac payments:

  • Interac Online – This is the most common option for casino players in Canada. Interac works at the same time as a debit card and as an e-wallet. You theoretically make two transfers, from your bank account to your Interac account and then to your wallet, although practically it feels like a single transaction.
  • Interac eTransfer: This is how Interac started in Canada. It is a secure way to transfer money between two bank accounts. So it works like a normal bank wire payment, but it is safer and way faster. Especially when it comes to withdrawals, it can cut the waiting period in half.

Interac casino deposits come with certain limits. Most Interac casinos have set the minimum deposit to CA$25 (it was CA$75 up until January 2020), while withdrawing funds from Interac slots sites has a minimum of CA$50.

Do I get a first deposit bonus when paying with Interac?

You are eligible for the welcome offer and any other bonus when depositing money with Interac at a casino in Canada. The welcome offer varies from slots site to slots site. It could be doubling your account money while offering a few free spins, or even tripling your deposit. The added-on money must be played a number of times at the site’s slot before becoming available to withdraw.

How to sign up to Interac and use it for slots

Signing up for an Interac account is extremely straightforward. All you need is a bank account with a participating banking institution in Canada. Then, you will be able to sign up for an Interac account within your institution’s online banking system, using your bank account credentials. The same credentials you will use when making your first slot site deposit using Interac.

Making Deposits on casino sites with Interac Online

Using Interac Online to top up your slots site balance is a quick and easy procedure. Just follow the steps listed below and you will be able to start spinning those slot wheels in no time. Remember, the sooner you start, the more chances you have to win life-altering money.

  1. After creating an account on the slots site, press the “Make Deposit” button on the homepage. 
  2. From the available options choose Interac Online and fill in the amount of money you want to transfer. Press OK. 
  3. A new window will appear, where you will be asked to fill in your e-banking credentials. Press OK.
  4. The window will close and within a few seconds, the transfer will be concluded.

Making Deposits on slot sites with Interac eTransfers

Equally as easy is making a deposit using Interac’s eTransfers service:

  1. Press the “Deposit” button on the slot site’s start page. 
  2. From the available banking options check “transfer” (this step might be omitted, depending on the website).
  3. Press the “Interac eTransfers” option on the menu.
  4. Add a new payee with the details provided.
  5. Send the required amount to the payee ensuring you have the account ID in the message field.
  6. Return to the slots site and verify your deposit

How to withdraw money via Interac Online

Imagine you have been extremely lucky while spinning the wheels. You have every right to withdraw your winnings and enjoy the money how you like. One of the most efficient ways to do receive the funds is with Interac Online. 

  1. Log into your account and head over to the cashier menu.
  2. Confirm you want to withdraw funds from your casino balance.
  3. Choose Interac Online as the withdrawal method.
  4. Fill in your banking details and enter the desired amount.
  5. The money will have been transferred within three days (depending on your bank).